Free Forensic Financial Recovery Investigations (Valued at 2000$)

During this investigative process you’ll discover…

  • How your funds were lost and to which accounts
  • The current destination of your lost funds
  • When and how you can recover your lost funds
  • Procedures and Steps to fully recover your funds
  • Fully recover your lost funds

Plus, we’ll give you a full and detailed report of your financial and transaction history pinpointing where your lost funds ended up and how to recover it

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About Us

Ultrarecovery is an investigative and forensic specialist service that specializes in funds recovery for victims of financial fraud, online scams, business loan scams etc. We focus on the recovery of funds via thorough forensic investigations and help provide reimbursement to victims using disputes, tracking down digital fingerprints, foresncic and cyber analysis and meticulous investigative work. Ultrarecovery has been recovering funds from fraudulent platforms and brokers since its establishment in 2009.

Our Recovery Process

Filing Your Claim

File your claim so we can begin forensic investigations into your case to determine your transaction history and ultimately the whereabout of your funds

Forensic Investigation

Here we commence forensic investigations into your case with the information and data supplied from your filed claim


We recover your funds back by repossessing every transaction you made to the scam outfit and their intermediary banks, payment processors, or exchanges used to collect your money

Why You Should Choose Us?

Recover Your Funds

With us the recovery of your funds is guaranteed and we will guide you through the process.

100% Precision

Each case is unique and as such we apply the right tools to achieve the desired results.


Our 24/7 support staff is here to attend to your inquiries.