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Primer on Binary Options.

Binary Options have been around for a decade and been the source of a lot of fradulent schemes.

Binary options trading for the average retail trader essentially began with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's approval for exchange trading of these options in 2008. Since then, it has expanded and spread very rapidly. Binary options had, in fact, existed for many years before 2008, but they were previously available only to large, institutional traders or high net worth individuals through the over-the-counter market. In 2007, the Options Clearing Commission recommended changes in binary options trading that would make them freely available for retail traders, and in 2008, the SEC approved the offering of binary options as a tradeable investment instrument. Shortly thereafter, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the American Stock Exchange began offering binary options for public trading. Binary Option has been the source of many schemes and fraudulent operations enabling victims to lose millions of dollars via unregulated (scam) binary option websites in the United States every year.


Digital Currencies (Cryptocurrency) Intro.

Cryptocurrency is the currency of the Internet and the source of Modern Scams.

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new marvel that have taken the world by storm. From the moment the first Bitcoin was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto in the January of 2009 to now. There are now thousands of digital assets, with more appearing every day with each new idea. Cryptocurrencies are “cryptographically secured digital representations of value or contractual rights that can be transferred, stored and traded electronically”, according to HMRC’s definition. What this means basically is that a cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be traded and used to pay for things. It’s not based on any actual asset, so there’s no intrinsic value; the value is determined by supply and demand – essentially, it’s only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. This makes cryptocurrencies speculative, unpredictable and hard to accurately value. While it is hard to value, its power as a currency derives from the belief the people who hold it have in It. It is mined i.e. made on a decentralized network and this fact is another reason why people believe in it. Its decentralized nature implies that it is not controlled by anyone or governing body. Transactions are conducted peer-to-peer rather than being run by a bank or other authority. They use ‘distributed ledger technology’ a.k.a blockchain to keep a public record of all transactions. It’s a way of synchronising and sharing data globally through a decentralised database, and is meant to prevent double-spending of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are legal, but they’re not legal tender except in El Salvador very recently. While cryptocurrencies are essentially advancements developed in the digital age with the advent of new technologies, they are also used as a means to scam people. Millions of dollars are lost to cryptocurrency scams globally on a yearly basis as most people do not really understand how they work and how they are used.


How we help you.

We work around the clock to ensure a smooth recovery.

Ultrarecovery boasts a team of fund recovery experts who are experienced in binary options recovery. Our forensic team are skilled and specialize in tracing the movement of funds after victims have been scammed. We work closely with investigators and officials to unearth confidential intelligence about the inner workings of these companies as well as recover stolen cryptocurrency in cases that involve digital currencies. Clients that want to recover lost funds from scam brokers, fradulent investment platforms, scam trading platforms etc, stand a better chance of recovering what they lost by working with us. In cases where clients have fallen victim to loan schemes, they can opt for business loan recovery and we can open a case file for them and begin the work of recovering their loans. With this intelligence, Ultrarecovery works to bring justice for our clients who have lost money in fraudulent binary options trading.

Truth Exposure

Ultrarecovery has an intelligence gathering team that tracks down underground information about unregulated binary options companies.

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Claims Assessment

We analyze your claim and develop strategies to best recover your funds through our resource network, team of lawyers, forensic experts and technical team.

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Common Scams

Common scams prevalent today on the world wide web. We update this page regularly as new scams emerge everyday that require new solutions. Visit page to learn more.

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