Common Scams

People get scammed everyday on the internet and it's one of the most common ways to lose funds. We have covered the most common scams online today.

Online Scams

Trading Scams

Romance Scams

Crypto Scams

CreditC Scams

Banking Scams

Online Scams
Online scams span a very wide range since all scams that occur with a computer connected to the Internet is classified as an online scam. We have further segmented it on various sections and for easy comprehension.
Cash (Funds Transfer)

This is the most convenient way to send money to someone online which is why it is the most exploited by scammers. This is a very fast process and once done it cannot be reversed. To avoid getting scammed via this means, always be extra careful when dealing with strangers on the Internet. Moreso when it involves transfer of funds electronically, it can be a scam charity, a foreign governemnt offical, a war veteran or simply someone who presents a cause to take advantage of your kindness. There'll always be a faux reward at the end of it that appears to good to be true. Be very watchful and ask for more details if need be.

Algo Trading (Auto)

This is a scamming technique that takes advantage of legitimate trading tools and software. They (the scammers) often require you to download and install some software (robots) that is meant to automate your trading activities in order to yield more returns daily. But in reality what happens is the opposite of that, via the software your funds are taken with little to no profits. With this happening, you are then convinced to invest more to offset the losses you must have taken and the cycle goes on and on until you have nothing left. They expose you to legitimate platforms that conduct trading and investments but it is just a front and your dashboard of earnings is usually a faux. To avoid getting scammed like this, always do proper research and invest/trade only what you can afford to lose and not a cent more. They will try and try to convince you but be headstrong and stick to your guns else you risk losing a lot more than you started with. Banks and Law Enforcement have their plates full and can't go after or recover these losses most of the times which is where we come in. With our years of experience and team of experts we follow a systematic approach in putting together the right components to ensure a swift and succesful recovery.

Trading Scams
Trading Scams encompass all scams related to forex trading, binary options tradings, cfd trading, cryptocurrency trading etc. It has been further segmented to cover all basis and for easy comprehension.
CFD Trading Scams

CFD a.k.a Contract for Difference is a kind of trading that allows traders and investors yield profits from market price movements without the need to own any underlying asset. It is a popular trade in the United States, Asia and Europe. Scammers put together webistes with pleny content for the sole purpose of luring unsusepcting victims into making deposits for CFD trading. They often do their research beforehand and so they possess the right amount of knowledge to convince their victims and most times they fall for it. To avoid getting scammed like this always make sure to do your own research before you make any deposits to anyone.

Binary Options Scams

Binary Options is simply a type of Options Contract. In this contract payout depends on the outcome of a yes/no, true/false, up/down proposition. Typically it is related to whether or not the price of a stock/commodity/asset will go up or down i.e. rise or fall below a specified amount. It is different from regular stock trading in that you're not actually buying the commodity but rather betting on whether or not the price of the commodity will rise or fall above or below a certain amount at a particular time. This concept while easily explained above is far more complicated in reality and the cause of losses in the range of billions of dollars. Due to the fact that Binary Options trading is unregulated outside the United States, scammers launch websites in regions outside of it and put out major ads/social media campaigns to attract investors with huge dreams of making it big. Dishonest brokers make cold calls in various call rooms convincing investors to trade but in reality they are simply parting you from your funds. Most of their platforms don't last after a few months/years and the banks can't help with recovery most of the times. Our forensics teams put together your case file and analyze your transasctions meticulously until we find the right approach to take that ensures the quickest recovery.

Romance Scams
Romance Scams are very popular moreso since the advent of Social Media. In most cases they are the most painful due to the emotional component involved in experiencing it. We have covered the most common tactics used by these scammers below:
Online Dating

Dating online is very common these days and life partners often find themeselves via this medium but it isn't always roses and rainbows as scammers troll social media websites and dating platforms looking for opportunities to make bank. Their ultimate goal is simply to get you invested emotionally and use those emotions to basically blackmail you into sending them funds. They don't just ask you for it but rather find the most inventive reasons why you should send them money and gaslight you into doing it even when you refuse to give. It could be a medical emergency, travel costs to visit you, ailing parents etc. All of this should be a red flag for you and the urgency with which the request comes should also be another.

Social Media

You might randomly get a message from someone who claims they attended the same high school with you and was in your circle of friends. Most times you will get this message on Facebook or even WhatsApp. They start with general chats and keep up the convo for weeks and weeks just until proper trust is built between you both. They create familiarities in hobbies and interests or even travel experiences but it's all a well crafted illusion aimed at developing a bond. Once they sense that bond is there, the avenue for money requests start coming in. Social Media made it so easy as literally anyone can find your personal informations online. Most of the big techies all share information so your information can easily be found/bought and exploited. This is common in countries like United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia etc. Our extensive knowledge in Fraud Detection and Recovery allows us to recover the funds you lose to these special breed of criminals. We can recover funds from from banks and credit card providers as long as our processes are followed keenly.

Crypto Scams
In the November of 2021 the entire Cryptocurrency market peaked at $2.8T with Bitcoin i.e. the number 1 crypto peaking at $67k per coin. That was over 200% from its last all time high at the end of 2017. Learn how scammers take advantage of this market below.
HR-HR Investment

High-Risk High Reward is a common investment scam employed by Crypto scammers wherein they promise an obscene amount in percentage profits and rely on the greed of the victim. There is saying that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. They create fake investment sites that promise high rewards at low to no risk at all, this is usually a red flag in and of itself. And then, when investors send funds (usually in crypto), they present fake evidence of high returns which aren't usually there in reality but disable the withdrawal function so that the client cannot withdraw till he makes another deposit. This tactic is very common with cryptocurrency scams and we specialize in recovering lost cryptocurrency assets. Our experts can trace and recover lost cryptocurrencies digitally and we do this for our clients as many people fall for this scam.

Pump and Dump

This type of crypto scam is usually more sophisticated and requires more cost for the scammers. They basically create a coin, market it with a lot of ads and social media campaigns in order to drive up the demand for the coin and the price alongside it. When the price has peaked to their desired amount, they dump the coin by selling it at the top. Since they have the most coins being the creators, this action tanks the price and leaves the newbies who got caught in the frenzy with bags of worthless coins. This is a common crypto scam that also appeals to the greed of its victims because they promise huge returns that are unreal and impossible.

Credit Card Scams
The financial world has evolved rapidly in the last few decades with the updates that come with Credit Card technologies. The average user benefits from these advancements but so do the criminals like the fraudsters and identity thieves who adapt to these changes. Learn the ways through which Credit Card scams happen below:
Credit Card Skimming

This invovlves the use of hardware known as a Skimming Device which is designed to read and store Credit Card information. It is usually installed in handheld Point of Sales (POS) found in resturants and grocery stores or even publicly on Automated Teller Machines (ATM). The most recent chip-enabled Credit Cards are said to be the most secure but even those cards can be skimmed as these criminals adapt to the new technologies with their tools. Most new chip-enabled cards have magnetic strips and this is a vulnerability that skimmers exploit. Be vigilant where you use your Credit Cards and if you are suspicious of where you used your card make sure to call the Credit Card company to cancel it immediately. Our specialized team of fund recovery specialists have a straight connection to most Credit Card companies so they are well equipped in reversing (or charging back) fraudulent transactions. It is imperative however, to act fast if or when you spot discrepancies in your credit card transactions.


Phishing simply refers to scam emails designed to extract personal information from you. Information such as your social security, bank details or even passwords. Acting upon such emails lead you to a legitimate looking website that prompts you to provide the stipulated sensitive information and when you do, they can use this info to get into your bank account or even steal your identity for other nefarious purposes. Sometimes they call you pretending to be tech support agents and prompt you with urgency to take certain actions by providing sensitive information over the phone, this is a huge red flag as your bank or credit company will never ask you for such info over the phone. To avoid falling for this, be extra careful when giving away your personal information, always double check and if possible check reviews from Trust websites before you act. This is very common and most people fall for this unknowingly.

Banking Scams
Banks are one of the oldest means through which scammers operate. The advancement in technology within the Banking sector such as Online Payments (and Transfers) led to exponetial growth in online fraud within banking platforms. Because banks do not implement proper security protocols to safeguard clients funds, scammers take advantage of this which leads to huge losses every year. Learn the common tactics below:
Authorized Push Payment Fraud

This type of scam is mostly common with small business owners wherein the scammer deceives the victim by requesting payments for goods/services that do not exist. They achieve this by generating fake receipts/invoices and dispatch it mostly with BEC.

Deposit Refund Scam

This scam occurs when they contact an individual and inform them that money was accidentally deposited ino their account. To make this believable, they generate fake receipts/proof-of-payment slips with the victim's details so that the victim repays money that was never there in the first place. To avoid this scam always double check your account balance before you make any kind of refund. We are well versed in dealing with such people and often work with banks to uncover these criminals. They leave a lot of victims in their wake and we have the required experience in following them up to recover their stolen loot.


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