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Ultrarecovery is an investigative and forensic specialist service that specializes in funds recovery for victims of financial fraud, online scams, business loan scams, cryptocurrency scams etc. We focus on the recovery of funds via thorough forensic investigations and help provide reimbursement to victims using disputes, tracking down digital fingerprints, foresncic and cyber analysis and meticulous investigative work. Ultrarecovery has been recovering funds from fraudulent platforms and brokers since its establishment in 2009.

How do Binary Options work.

The Binary Options conundrum.

While binary options trading is a legitimate financial instrument and not a scam itself, it is a high leverage market with an unpredictable nature. The field presents institutions, companies, and individuals the opportunity to make a lot of money. While not all binary options brokers are scam brokers, the market conditions and the nature of the financial instrument have led to many companies exploiting the industry and its clientele. Binary options as a financial instrument requires traders to decide on whether an underlying asset in the market such as a stock, currency, index, or commodity will go up or down in price in a given time period. Unlike traditional options, these options mature in a much shorter period, even as little as a minute. Binary options are marketed as legitimate investments, but they are considered extremely high-risk instruments, and when unregulated they are considered in many cases as fraudulent.


What we do.

Our process in a nustshell.

Ultrarecovery has a team of recovery experts who are experienced in funds recovery. We work closely with investigators and officials to unearth confidential intelligence about the inner workings of these companies. With this intelligence, Ultrarecovery works to bring justice to our clients who have lost money in fraudulent schemes as well as binary options or online trading.


Binary Options Financial Fraud.

Dark side of Binary.

In an unregulated environment, brokers do not have to act within the bounds of the law. The brokers’ main concern is making money, squeezing each trader for as much as they can, often misrepresenting their business to achieve this. We have heard hundreds of harrowing stories from our clients, with evidence to reaffirm these claims. Using aggressive marketing tactics and offering high return rates. Many companies employ unlicensed brokers and manipulate accounts so that it appears as if the trader is earning money. A lot of these companies will then deny traders withdrawals and lock in their funds with “bonuses” and other tactics. These companies play with people’s lives with little thought causing unnecessary trauma. Ultrarecovery can change the situation these companies have brought about, helping individuals recover their initial investments and to attain a sense of justice and peace of mind.


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